A Better Alternative to SBA 504 or Traditional Loans for Commercial Real Estate Financing

Don’t qualify for an SBA 504 loan? No problem.

Don’t qualify for a Small Business Administration (SBA) or traditional bank loan? Looking to jumpstart a project in a census-designated low-to-moderate income zone? No problem! Our Impower loan can provide a responsible and flexible way to purchase commercial real estate and build long-term equity.

Value to the customer

Through our flexible terms and streamlined process we offer both small business owners as well as brokers, agents, and other lenders an excellent opportunity to purchase commercial real estate when other lenders say no.

  • Opportunity for financing even if you do not qualify for an SBA 504 loan due to credit or eligibility issues
  • Up to 95% financing and low or no minimum credit score.
  • 1-2% origination fee (some may qualify for no origination fee and a credit for soft costs)
  • Streamlined process – get approved in as little as 2 weeks from receipt of a completed application
  • Interest-only repayment options to start your loan
  • Viable option for small-businesses owned entrepreneurs of color or operating in communities of color where traditional financing is typically hard to secure

Terms & highlights

Impower 95Impower
Loan TypeOwner Occupied CREOwner Occupied CRE
1st Mortgage
$250,001 to $5 Million$350,000 to $4 Million
Rate10-year CMT + 5%5-year CMT +
2.6% (6.6% floor)
Property TypesMulti-purpose,
and Special-purpose
(Semi-generic by exception)
Leasehold ImprovementsUp to $500,000None
LocationMultistate optionsCalifornia;
Restricted to Federally designated
New Market Tax Credit Areas
DSCR1.0 global1.0 global
90% for Semi-generic
and 85% for Special-purpose
Occupancy40% by owner50.01% by owner
Credit ScoreNo minimum score670 (no exceptions)
No bankruptcies,
foreclosures,short sales, etc,
over the last 7 years.
Loan Origination Fee1-2%No Loan Origination Fee

Download Fact Sheet US Treasury Constant Maturity Index

Property types

Multi-purpose properties:

Examples of commercial properties may include: Office Space, Warehouse, Light Industrial, Retail, Wholesaling, Manufacturing, R&D, Medical, Dental, Veterinarian.

Special-purpose properties:

Examples of commercial properties may include: Gas Stations, Auto Dealers, Hotels, Restaurants, Car Washes, Amusement, Care Facilities, Storage Facilities.

Semi-generic properties:

Examples of commercial properties may include: Auto Dealers, Auto Repair, Restaurants, Child Care.

What else do you need to consider?

  • Property must be at least 40% owner-occupied, exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Show sufficient historical cash flow to make payments
  • Consideration for start-up businesses that demonstrate two years of successful operating management experience in same industry; sufficient reserves for start-up working capital and six months of loan payments

Denied Traditional Financing, Momentus Direct Capital Steps In

When a large, national bank denied Pablo’s loan request to purchase a new building for his expanding business, he turned to MCM. Using an Impower loan, this Colombian entrepreneur is able to bring solar power and other sustainable energy solutions to even more residents across California.

Meet Pablo

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