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Avid Commercial, LLC

“At Avid Commercial, we have worked with Ken Rosenthal for many years on the SBA 504 loan product. He is one of the most knowledgeable lending partners you can find anywhere in the country. Ken is always responsive (truly he never sleeps), direct and able to navigate the most simple deals to the most complex. Ken’s ability to understand the loan process from the lender, borrower and from the SBA side is unparalleled in the industry. Ken has the drive and integrity which sets him apart from his peers along with his solution-oriented approach. Ken simply is remarkable. Avid Commercial without hesitation can recommend Ken Rosenthal for anyone seeking SBA 504 loans.

Thanks for being such a great lending partner!”

Scott Harbertson
Executive Vice President
Avid Commercial, LLC

Baby Steps

My heart’s desire has long been to open my own daycare center. However, transitioning from home-based child care to a facility had challenges. First obtaining the perfect building. Then obtaining financing. That’s where Momentus Direct Capital enters my story. Upon finding the perfect property for my business. I decided to apply for an SBA loan and I was introduced to Martin. He shared with me the Impower 95 loan product that only required 5% down payment. I thought it was a dream come true for me. My property cost nearly $1 million. Martin and the underwriting team did an exceptional job walking me through the underwriting process, all the way, to the close of escrow. I then received the keys to my building. I am sincerely grateful for the excellent help and support that I received from the team.

Joyce Andrews
Baby Steps

CBRE | Capital Markets

“I value working with Ken and the Morgan Stanley team because of their responsiveness and the way they’re willing to work through any situation to get the deal done!”

Scot Buker
Director, SBA Programs
CBRE | Capital Markets

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