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Solutions for your commercial real estate needs

  • Momentus Direct Capital partners with the nation’s leading funding partners to provide banks with access to 100% direct funding or purchases of SBA-504 first mortgages.
  • SBA 504 Originations / Refi Existing 504 & 7(a) / SBA 504 Debt Refi
  • Refinance existing SBA 504 1st mortgages so another lender doesn’t take the loan & client relationship

Who we work with

Whether you are a non-bank lender, credit union, CDFI, CDC, loan broker, or real-estate broker, our products bring real value to your business by offering rates and terms to satisfy your customer’s needs and win deals

How it works

Direct funding

Our funding partner directly funds the loan and thus the selling lender does not have to use its own capital. This transactional approach with our funding partners allows the selling lender to maintain a broad client relationship.


Selling lender books the first mortgage loan on its balance sheet, then sells it to the funding partner.

Terms & highlights

Funding PartnerMorgan StanleyImpact 504 Loan FundCity First
Loan TypeCRE Purchase or RefinanceCRE Purchase;
CRE Purchase;
1st mortgage loan amountNo min
Max $10 million
No min
Max $3 million
$500 thousand – $10 million
RateUp to 25-year fixed25-year fixed10-year fixed
Washington DC;
Maryland; Virginia

Must be located in NMTC Zone or minority/female owned
Max Loan-to-Value60%60% – 65%60%
Debt Service Coverage Ratio1.2 DSCR1.0 – 1.1 DSCR1.20 OC / 1.30 Global DSCR
Credit Score680 FICO650 FICO660 FICO
Amortization25-year fully amortizing fixed rates25-year fully amortizing fixed rates25-year amort / 10-year fixed rate

Download Fact Sheet for Full Terms US Treasury Constant Maturity Index

Property types

Multi-purpose properties:

Examples of commercial properties may include: Office Space, Warehouse, Light Industrial, Retail, Wholesaling, Manufacturing, R&D, Medical, Dental, Veterinarian.

Special-purpose properties:

Examples of commercial properties may include: Gas Stations, Auto Dealers, Hotels, Restaurants, Car Washes, Amusement, Care Facilities, Storage Facilities.

Delivering value to our customers



  • Beat your competition while keeping the full client relationship
  • Earn unlimited dollar amount of fee income (up to 10 points) – not on all our products
  • Earn premium income
    Market our rates and terms as your own and get new business



  • Refinance existing SBA 504 1st mortgages so another lender doesn’t take loan and relationship
    Refinance your own SBA 7(a) loans into SBA 504 loans using our 1st mortgage
  • Do out of market deals nationwide so another lender doesn’t take loan and relationship
  • Eliminate legal lending limit issues to a single borrower since we book the loan
  • Satisfy customer needs without affecting your balance sheet


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