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From Leasing to Owning: New “Impower” Loan Product Helps Small Businesses Grow With No Minimum Credit Score

Impower is available for small business entrepreneurs in 46 states and Washington, D.C.

August 30, 2022 (San Diego, CA / Arlington, VA) – There is a new alternative for small business entrepreneurs who want to go from leasing to owning but who may not qualify for the traditional Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan.

The Momentus Capital branded family of organizations is proud to launch the expansion of its Impower loans, a responsible and affordable way to purchase commercial real estate – with no minimum credit score requirement.

This unique loan program is now available in 46 states and Washington, D.C. (Impower is not available in Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont.)

An estimated 8,000 small business owners are turned down annually for commercial real estate financing sought through traditional sources. Once denied traditional financing, approximately 50% – or 4,000 small businesses – turn to predatory hard money and subprime loans, which often lead to disastrous economic outcomes where small businesses cannot keep pace with astronomical interest rates.

“There needs to be another way forward for small business owners,” said Tony Barengo, head of commercial real estate for CDC Small Business Finance, part of the Momentus Capital branded family of organizations. The Momentus Capital branded family of organizations also includes Capital Impact Partners, Momentus Direct Capital, Momentus Securities, and Ventures Lending Technologies. “We need to look past the traditional, outdated approaches that have prevented so many small business entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs of color, from realizing their dreams.”

This new product is being offered through Momentus Direct Capital.

Impower is specifically designed to help entrepreneurs – especially entrepreneurs of color – build wealth, create jobs, and stay in the communities they serve:

  • Impower was created for those who may not qualify for traditional 504 financing.
  • There is no minimum credit score requirement. Credit scores only tell part of a story; instead, Impower loans look holistically at a borrower’s credit – at what is in the credit report, rather than basing a decision on the credit score.
  • Impower offers up to 95% financing, so that business owners can retain their working capital to help them grow.
  • Impower loans have low, fixed-interest rates.
  • These loans are for entrepreneurs in several target demographics, including businesses in census-designated low- to moderate-income communities.

“Traditional financial industry products and policies have reinforced racial inequality. Impower is more equitable and more inclusive,” Mr. Barengo added. “For entrepreneurs who think they may have hit a dead end, we’re able to get them back on the road toward the dreams they envisioned.”

Impower loans do more than help businesses grow. They are focused on supporting small businesses in low- and moderate-income communities, improving economic opportunities in the surrounding community and creating jobs.

This loan is part of a concentrated effort from the Momentus Capital branded family of organizations to provide a continuum of financial, knowledge, and social capital designed to uplift historically disinvested communities and keep money spent in a community, in that community. That’s because $68 of every $100 spent on a small business stays in that local community, compared to just $43 out of every $100 spent at a non-local business.

Once Turned Away, Now Tripling Revenue: Pablo Quintero’s Impower Success Story

When a large national bank denied Pablo Quintero’s request for a traditional 504 SBA loan, he turned to CDC Small Business Finance to help purchase a new building for his expanding business, Clean Initiative.

Using an Impower loan, this Colombian entrepreneur acquired a warehouse space — in a designated low- to- moderate income area — and is now able to bring solar power and other sustainable energy solutions to even more residents across California.

The new space allowed Pablo to procure larger amounts of product inventory at a volume discount and therefore service larger contracts. As a result, projected revenue for Clean Initiative is up 300% and the company is on track to hire more than 20 new employees.

“With Pablo, we saw a business that was just outside qualifying for a traditional 504 SBA loan, and it was clear that our Impower loan product would help him and his business step up to the next level,” said Mr. Barengo.

“It was great that we were able to find a loan that worked for everyone involved,” Mr. Barengo added. “Seeing his growth really highlights the importance of offering these loans and helping small businesses invest in themselves and their communities.”

Read more about Pablo’s story.

How Small Business Owners Can Apply for Impower

Impower provides commercial real estate loans, ranging from $250,000 to $5 million for those who may not qualify for standard 504 financing. For more information, please visit

About Momentus Capital

The Momentus Capital branded family of organizations refers to the combined operations of Capital Impact Partners, CDC Small Business Finance, Momentus Direct Capital, Momentus Securities, and Ventures Lending Technologies. While each organization under the Momentus Capital brand still operates as a separate entity, their clients will now have access to more resources and products.

The Momentus Capital branded family of organizations is transforming how capital and investments flow into communities to provide people access to the capital and opportunities they deserve. We are working to reinvent traditional financial systems that have failed to address systemic issues of inequality, economic empowerment, and the widening racial wealth gap by offering a continuum of financial, knowledge, and social capital to help local leaders build inclusive and equitable communities and create generational wealth. This includes a comprehensive package of loan products, impact investment opportunities, training and business advising programs, and technology services that advance locally-led solutions.

Leveraging 80 years of combined experience, nearly $3 billion in assets, and strong community engagement, we have delivered $23 billion in financing, created and preserved 250,000 jobs, and served 12,000 small businesses and five million people across their history.

With headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and San Diego, California, Momentus Capital operates nationally with a focus on larger urban areas and cities in Arizona, California, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Texas, and the Washington metro area.

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